Road Trip

For the first time this season, your Colonels football team will be traveling on a Friday night.  This week we will be traveling to the St. Louis area to face the 1-2 Brentwood Eagles. The Eagles will pose a formidable test for our Cadets, as they are just a few years removed from a state championship appearance. They will feature a power running game built around a group of young backs and a defense that will be very aggressive, despite their youth. Their win last week against Wesclin (26-20) saw their offense score their first points of the season.

This week your Cadets will be looking to place some new cadets in different positions: Clayton Workman at FB, Gilberto Villarreal at OL,  DT Owens and Alex Belton at QB and hopefully the return of Samuel Udeh at RB. Defensively we will be predominately the same as we look to continue to cut down on the mental mistakes.

As a group I still cannot express how much these cadets have impressed me with their effort and desire. Physically we have matched up mostly very well with all of our opponents, however it is the mental aspect that we are struggling with. Unforced turnovers, penalties and missed assignments. Ultimately it falls on me and the coaching staff to continue to teach and prepare these young men, but also we are looking to have the seniors and returning letterman continue to learn and teach the younger players.  Leadership from the top down. And honestly, I have seen more and more the past two weeks. This week alone I have had more Cadets stopping in to my classroom during passing periods just to “talk football.” Those instances, while few and far between just a mere two weeks ago, happen nearly every passing period now. So much so that I have to prod them along to class so as to not be late. (Not that it doesn’t fill me with pride though) That is learning, pride and leadership. To me that is the early signs of success!

And I wanted to include a quick summary on our JV team as well. Last night they faced off against the Mexico High 9th graders. As a team they rushed for over 100 yards! Also the game saw the first ever action on the field for 6 new players! Again, the score was less indicative of the effort displayed and the experience that was had. And several Colonels players had standout games including DT Owens, Thomas Jones, Grayson Jordane, Nick Vanetta and a HUGE interception by young Roy Grabowski! After the game, Major General Flanagan even addressed the players and praised them for their efforts, while still stressing the necessity to get smarter and to reduce mistakes.

Until next week…..



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2 responses to “Road Trip

  1. Chu Woolery

    Thank you so much for this blog…. You prepare us for the team to come, and endear us with the information of how hard our sons struggle…. GO COLONELS…..

  2. Elaine Brye

    I just sent this messaage to my son
    It is an article about the Marine who was just awarded the Medal of Honor. Under overwhelming odds he kept going in to rescue men. Never give up.
    Keep fighting Colonels.

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